Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Taconic DDSO – A Special story


Betty Wilbur, a senior companion, who volunteers at the Amenia Day Program, was assigned to John Krasowsky, a very quiet man.  As Betty talked to John on a regular basis and took him under her wing; John has become a much more social and happier person. 

Betty gives John a great deal of one-on-one attention.  Betty talks to him constantly; tells him what they will be doing for the day and will also talk about the trip they will be going on for that day.  Before Betty came into John’s life, he would hardly speak.  Now that Betty is his companion, John is now talking and saying many words that he never would say before.  He is actually able to say sentences now like: “Look at the sky;” What did you say?”, “Look at the truck”, and many, many more.  Since Betty has been John’s senior companion, he has become much more vocal, more social and much happier overall.  He definitely looks forward to seeing Betty when he goes to his program each day.

Many other people who know John, are just amazed by his change and by his verbalization since Betty has come into his life!   It’s a wonderful and magical relationship, and a very special one.