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Information on Ambulatory Patient Groups (APG) Implementation in Article 16 Clinics


OPWDD Part 679 Clinic Treatment Facilities (Article 16 Clinics) are one of the main vehicles by which OPWDD provides necessary clinical services to persons with developmental disabilities, including:

  • diagnostic and evaluation services
  • long term therapies and/or habilitative services
  • behavioral and mental health services

Approved clinical services in an Article 16 Clinic may include the following types of services delivered by an appropriately licensed/certified NY State Education Department (SED) practitioner; a person with a NY SED limited permit to practice the specific profession; an exempt person completing a NYS SED required supervised experience; an appropriately supervised student-in-training from an accredited and NY SED approved program; or an authorized qualified non-licensed staff as defined in 14 NYCRR Part 679:

  1. clinic intake
  2. rehabilitation/habilitation services
    1. (i) occupational therapy;
    2. (ii) physical therapy;
    3. (iii) psychology;
    4. (iv) rehabilitation counseling;
    5. (v) speech and language pathology; and
    6. (vi) social work;
  3. medical/dental services (in the absence of generic providers)
    1. (i) medicine (may include primary care as well as specialties such as psychiatry and physiatry); and
    2. (ii) dentistry (includes services of qualified dental assistants/hygienists operating under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist);
  4. health care services
    1. (i) nursing;
    2. (ii) dietetics and nutrition;
    3. (iii) audiology; and
    4. (iv) podiatry.

People with developmental disabilities can also receive clinic services through hospital outpatient departments and diagnostic and treatment centers that are certified by the NYS Department of Health (DOH) to primarily engage in the provision of medical and dental services under Article 28 of the Public Health Law.

Information on Ambulatory Patient Groups (APG) Implementation Article 16 Clinics

Important information regarding the implementation of APG Reimbursement Methodology in OPWDD Article 16 Clinics.

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