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Welcome to the “OPWDD By The Numbers” page which will be updated with data that will help you follow our total quarterly enrollment in services by program in every region and the quarterly number of people newly enrolled by program in every region.

The systems in our State are operating every day to ensure quality supports are delivered to the more than 130,000 people in New York State receiving OPWDD services.

We are committed to an open dialogue with you, including sharing this important information so you can follow the system transformation as we continue to help more and more people experience a full life based on their specific choices and needs that is integrated in their community.

Enrollment in Services
as of September 30, 2016

All Regions
Housing Supports 40,771
Respite 41,408
Day Habilitation 50,737
Work-Related Services 17,558
Supported Employment (SEMP) 10,746
Self-Direction 4,984
Community Habilitation 22,756

Fiscal Year 2016
2nd Quarter (Jul 2016 to Sep 2016)

New to Services This Quarter Year to Date
Housing Supports 472 1,057
Respite 984 2,192
Day Habilitation 1,307 2,296
Work-Related Services 344 618
Supported Employment (SEMP) 366 765
Self-Direction 626 1,220
Community Habilitation 1,827 3,667
New to Any Service 2,221 4,908

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