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SNAP - Documentation


While each SNAP Office handles SNAP applications in their own way, applicants are always required to verify their eligibility.  The following is a list of the eligibility factors that must be verified as a condition of eligibility for SNAP benefits and some of the documents that can be used for verification:


Must be established and documented for the individual making the SNAP application.  Any of these documents can also be used to verify age.  In addition, the U.S. Passport and Naturalization Certificate can also be used to provide citizenship and alien status.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Photo I.D., Driver’s License
  • U.S.Passport
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Hospital/Doctor’s Records
  • Adoption Papers


Must provide verification of age for all individuals applying for SNAP benefits. 

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate

Social Security Number

Must provide a social security number or proof that the individual has applied for one.  If an applicant knows and lists his/her Social security number on the application, he/she does not need to provide a social security card.

  • Social Security Card
  • Official correspondence from the Social Security Administration (SSA )

Citizenship and Alien Status

Must be documented for immigrant individuals applying for SNAP benefits. 

  • Birth Certificate
  • Hospital Records
  • U.S.Passport
  • Military Service Records
  • Naturalization Papers
  • USCIS Documentation
  • Evidence of continuous residence in theUSsince prior to 1/1/72

Earned Income

If individual is employed, the hours worked and amount earned must be documented.

  • Current wage stubs (if paid weekly - last 4 paystubs; if paid bi-weekly - last 2 paystubs)
  • Pay envelopes
  • Letter from employer listing hours worked and hourly or weekly salary
  • Current income tax returns
  • If self-employed – records and related materials concerning earning and expenses

Unearned Income

If individual is in receipt of unearned income, the income source and amount must be documented.

  • Statement from family court
  • Current award letter
  • Official correspondence from SSA
  • Official correspondence from the Veterans Administration
  • Current benefit check or stub
  • Statement from bank or credit union
  • Statement from person providing support
  • Unemployment Income Benefit Statement (UIB)


Documentation is only needed for disabled individuals, or individuals age 60 or older, who have gross income above 200% of the poverty level.  Households that have an individual that cannot receive SNAP because of a sanction are required to verify resources if they have any.  If the individual has resources but you are not sure whether they must be verified, it is best to provide the verification.  This way, if it turns out that the household was required to verify resources, the eligibility decision will not be delayed.

  • Current bank or credit union records
  • Stock/bond certificate
  • Statement from financial institution
  • Burial plot agreement or deed
  • Property deed and/or appraisal
  • Life Insurance
  • Vehicle registration/title