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SNAP - Recertification


One year is the usual certification period for SNAP recipients.  Each district may elect, however, to extend the certification period to 24 months for any elderly or disabled individual who has no earned income.  Elderly or disabled individuals with earned income may only be certified up to 12 months.  Near the end of the certification period, a SNAP recertification form will be sent to the Authorized Representative for completion.

All SNAP counties participate in telephone recertifications where the counties mail a recertification packet to the individual with a scheduled date and time for a telephone interview.  If you are not able to be available during that date & time, you will need to fill out and mail the Call Time Request Form found on the last page of the Notice of Recertification with the best times and phone number where you may be reached.  (In NYC, you will need to call the number on the Notice of Recertification with the best times and phone number where you may be reached.)  If you have submitted a signed application and miss your scheduled telephone interview, a Notice of Missed Interview will be sent to you to reschedule the telephone interview.  During the telephone interview, you will be asked some questions based on the SNAP Recertification that you have submitted.

The SNAP program requires that the recipient or Authorized Representative report certain changes to the local district.  Change of address, change in source of income, an increase or decrease in monthly income, and excess resources are some of the changes that need to be reported.  The timeframes for reporting are determined by the type of income received.  Most changes must be reported within ten days of the end of the month in which the change occurred.