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Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Plan)


The Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan covers most prescription drugs that a Medicare beneficiary would be prescribed.  Certain drugs and vaccines are covered under Medicare Part B. OPWDD who have Medicare and are Medicaid eligible should enroll in “benchmark” plans.  These plans have been determined to meet a certain standard of coverage and there are no premiums or deductibles for individuals enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid.


If there are problems with obtaining prescription drugs for individuals or with a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan that are not being addressed by the plan, the problem may be referred to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  There is a tip sheet and a complaint form that should be faxed to CMS Region II.  The fax number is a secure line so individual-specific information may be sent.

Medicare Part D Benchmark Plans for 2020

2020 Benchmark Plans