Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Reportable Incident and Allegation of Abuse Forms


Restrictive Intervention Application (RIA) 


User ID and System Access Request Form

Please ensure all User Access Requests (including IRMA and RIA) are typewritten or computer generated, including Removal/Revoke requests; this includes Internal UAR forms for employees of OPWDD (Internal UAR forms can be accessed via the OPWDD Intranet). Please include the need/level of access you are requesting  below your signature. If you are unsure of the Level of Access you need, please consult your QA Department or call the OPWDD Incident Management Unit at 518 473 7032. “Full Agency Access” is generally requested by QA Directors or incident review staff; limited access is for staff to complete RIA submissions, or input/edit incidents into IRMA for a specific residence, or residences, or day hab(s); please indicate the programs to which you need access. Please scan and email all user requests to [email protected].