Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Incident Management Unit


OPWDD’s Incident Management Unit (IMU) was established to provide real time oversight of critical elements of incident management across the state. This unit reviews incident reports and Significant and Critical Events to assure appropriate measures are put in place to protect persons with disabilities, including required notifications to law enforcement when appropriate. This is accomplished through the use of the Incident Report and Management Application (IRMA), which is a secure web-based statewide database. It is used to ensure consistency in incident reporting and is used by State operations and nonprofit providers in the OPWDD system.

IMU is compires of Regional Compliance Officers and Incident Compliance Officers, as well as teams for Investigative Review, IRMA, Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), Background Checks and Off-hours.

If you need assistance from any staff within IMU, please call 518-473-7032 or email [email protected]

If a Voluntary Provider Agency or State Operations Office needs to make notification of Reportable Incidents and Serious Notable Occurrences that take place during non-business hours, that agency should alert the IMU by phone at 1-888-479-6763.

For more information visit the Justice Center Information page at: 

The OPWDD Incident Management Unit does not accept initial notification of incidents by fax. After you make your initial notification to OPWDD by phone as outlined above, incident information must be entered into IRMA within 24 hours of occurrence or discovery or by the close of the next business day, whichever is later.