Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Application Forms

Application for Certificate of Relief Pertaining to Firearm Possession

CAB Informed Consent Forms

Certification of Need (CON) Forms

Criminal History and Background Check Forms

Criminal Background Check Information

Developmental Disabilities Profile User Guide and Forms

Family Support Services Forms

Health Care Adjustment Forms


Home and Community Based Services Waiver and Eligibility Forms

Intensive Behavioral Services Forms

Liability Documents for Provider Use Forms

Medicaid Service Coordination Forms

Medicare Part D Forms

Options for People Through Services (OPTS) Forms

Additional Information

Payment Processing Unit Billing Forms and Instructions

Additional Information

Personal Allowance Forms

Reasonable Accommodation

Reportable Incident and Allegation of Abuse Forms

Restrictive Intervention Application

Restrictive Intervention Application (RIA) Information

Training Forms

Additional Forms

Standard Voucher AC92