Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

Community Placement Procedures

Type: pdf
Author: Willowbrook Unit
Year of Publishing: 1992

OPWDD booklet - Community Placement Procedures, also known as the "Green Book," - applies to all individuals moving within OPWDD programs, and also represents the notification requirements for class members. The following Community Policies (CP) from the “Green Book” defines important procedures in residential placement on behalf of class members:

  • CP1, Placement of People in the Community, defines a correspondent as, in the first instance, a parent or legal guardian, as listed in the person’s program plan.
  • CP2, Notification of Residential Placement; provides 30 day notice to interested parties prior to the planned change of residence of a person
  • CP6, Procedures When There is an Objection to Placement
  • CP9, Emergency and Transitional Moves: Time-Limited Services Elsewhere; addresses immediate and unplanned change of residence of a person
  • CP10, Procedures When There Are Objections to an Individual Program Plan, Proposed Changes Thereto, or Facility Initiated Discharge