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This page, or “portal” as it is known, is meant to help visitors navigate our website and easily access the most common materials and information sought by nonprofits and other service providers.

Providers are a critical part of our success as a system. Today, nearly 80 percent of service delivery is carried out by our nonprofit network, which includes approximately 700 providers.

 Here you will find information about how to become a provider, information about services and programs offered by various nonprofits, as well as information about the Provider Association, which works closely with OPWDD to strengthen services and supports.

The vast majority of OPWDD certified nonprofits provide exceptional work. You can find those agencies setting the bar for service highlighted in OPWDD’s Compass Initiative. However, some providers struggle with maintaining OPWDD’s standards for fiscal, governance and compliance practices. Through our Early Alert system, we support those organizations in taking corrective action so they can better serve individuals with developmental disabilities over the long term. If a provider is unable or unwilling to make necessary changes, negative action may be taken against them—we often work closely with neighboring providers to transfer services in those rare instances.

 New York’s nonprofit providers have some of the most effective and innovative programs in the country, and we are always looking for share information and stories of success. If you have suggestions please email us at [email protected].

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