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People First Care Coordination

Care coordination
People living their lives the way they want

People First Care Coordination 

"Putting People First" is OPWDD's guiding principle. It represents our ongoing commitment to ensuring that New Yorkers with intellectual and developmental disabilities get the high-quality, person-centered supports and services they want and need for a full and healthy life.

As people’s expectations and needs evolve, so must the coordination and delivery of their services and supports. With this goal in mind we are pleased to introduce a new approach called People First Care Coordination.

People First Care Coordination will combine services for developmental disabilities with health, wellness, or behavioral health services to create a single, integrated and individualized Life Plan.

Care Coordination Organizations – The Heart of People First Care Coordination

Currently, services for people with developmental disabilities are coordinated by Medicaid Service Coordinators (MSC).  The new era of People First Care Coordination will have as its foundation the creation of Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs).  Also known as Health Homes, CCOs will coordinate a variety of healthcare, wellness and Developmental Disabilities (DD) services to achieve a holistic and integrated approach to meeting the full range of needs.  A specialized team, comprised of a care manager working together with other professionals will work with the people we serve and their families to plan, execute and monitor individualized Life Plans. 

The first step in the transition to People First Care Coordination is an application process. Read the Message to Providers from Acting Commissioner Delaney announcing People First Care.  Groups of providers interested in becoming Care Coordination Organizations are invited to view the application here.