Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Introduction to Supports and Services


OPWDD offers an array of services and supports to help people with developmental disabilities live in the home of their choice; find employment and other meaningful activities in which to participate; build relationships in the community, and experience health and wellness.  The various levels and combinations of services and supports mean that OPWDD can accommodate the strengths, needs, and preferences of virtually any person with developmental disabilities.

People new to the OPWDD system can access services and supports through our Front Door. Those already receiving services can review service and support options, and may want to consider self-direction. If you are interested in changing your services, talk to your service coordinator about the service amendment process and submit a Service Amendment Request Form.

OPWDD understands that there is no “one-size-fits-all” program that is appropriate for every person.  That’s why every person that is receiving OPWDD supports and services undergoes a person-centered planning process.  The goal of this process is to discover the particular abilities, wants, goals and needs of each individual served.  Person-centered planning helps us turn the input of each individual and his/her caregiver(s) to build a lifestyle suited to his or her unique situation. 

OPWDD is committed to providing a wide variety of support and service options to meet the needs of individuals and their families. OPWDD supports and services include:

  • Help for people to live in a home in the community. 
  • Help for families to support their family member to live in the family home with respite and other family support services.
  • Help for people who want to work in the community with employment training and support, volunteer opportunities, and other types of community engagement.
  • And help for people who need intensive residential and day services.