Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Taskforce on Special Dentistry Subcommittees


Note: The names of members of each sub-committee appear under each listed. Task Force Members are available for consultation to dentists in the regional areas they represent.

* Denote Sub-Committee Chair

Additional Resources - Identifies existing and additional local, statewide, national, or international dental resources for use by dentists and individuals who are interested in Special Care Dentistry and assists other Task Force members in obtaining information as needed.

 Members: Dr. Rick MacRae*, Dr. Susan Pugliese

Anesthesia - Establishes guidelines and standards for use of anesthesia, particularly Intravenous General Anesthesia (IV/GA) Sedation and develops strategies to improve access to IV/GA sedation for individuals with developmental disabilities in New York State.

Members: Dr. Pat Seagriff, Dr. Jeff Burns*

Best Practices - Identify "best practices" in dentistry, especially in regard to technological advances and their application to care for Special Needs Patients. The sub-committee is charged with assessing dental care within OPWDD's facilities, and informing dental practitioners of advances to assure the highest standards of care are promulgated.

Members: Dr. Jules Comeau, Dr. Edward Riggins*

Education - Educates dentists, students, advocates, professionals, providers, clinicians, family members and individuals with developmental disabilities about Special Needs Dentistry and provides information about oral hygiene techniques and care.

Members: Dr. Patrick Anders, Dr. Nancy Dougherty*, Dr. Kendra Zappia

Oral Sedation/Anesthesia - Oral Sedation establishes guidelines and standards for use of oral sedation and develops strategies to promote and improve use of sedation for individuals with developmental disabilities in New York State.

Members: Dr. Debra Cinotti, Dr. Craig Colas, Dr. Jules Comeau , Dr. Pat Seagriff*, Dr. Paul Teplitsky, Dr. Alicia Risner-Bauman*

Partnership - Partner with various New York State dental organizations to encourage and advocate for high quality and appropriate treatment of Special Care Dental patients who have developmental disabilities. The sub-committee is charged with recognizing oral health accomplishments made on behalf of individuals served within OPWDD's system in order to promote equity, effectiveness and efficiency of dental services in our State.

Members: Dr. Gary Goldstein*

Quality of Care - Investigates and promotes state-of-the-art information and instruments in order to assure the highest quality of dental care is being provided to individuals with developmental disabilities. The sub-committee is charged with developing: Medical/Dental History Forms that identify information essential for dentists in providing care; Behavioral Profile Form that enables a dentist to better understand the behaviors specific to their patient before caring for that individual. The sub-committee is further charged with developing baseline data regarding current quality of care for individuals in the service system and investigating the establishment of an accreditation process for Special Needs Dentistry in New York State.

Members: Dr. Debra Cinotti, Dr. Jules Comeau, Dr. Neal Demby*, Dr. Vince Filanova, Dr. Paul Teplitsky, Dr. Gary Goldstein*, Dr. Carl Tegtmeier*