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NYS Balancing Incentive Program


New York State received an award letter from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on March 15, 2013 to participate in the federal Balancing Incentive Program (BIP) authorized under the Affordable Care Act.  New York's revised application, submitted to CMS on February 26, 2013; the updated BIP Work Plan; and the New York State Balancing Incentive Program Award Letter are available at the following Department of Health link:

OPWDD Funding Opportunities through the Balancing Incentive Program

BIP Transformation Grant:

OPWDD issued a Request for Applications for the BIP Transformation Fund on August 13, 2014: /opwdd_resources/procurement_opportunities/bip-transformation-funding-opportunity

Over $65.3 million has been awarded to 106 organizations for a variety of initiatives supporting our system’s transformation.  The projects stemming from these awards are designed to advance our system’s transformational goals of supporting people to live in the most integrated community settings, obtain competitive employment, and take control of their services through self-direction. 

            Transformation Grant Awardees: /node/5891

BIP Transformation projects include initiatives that support increased efficiency and effectiveness in the areas of housing, employment, self-direction, deinstitutionalization, and managed care.  

Stay tuned in the coming months for additional information and communication of innovative and transformative activities related to these Transformation Projects.  The OPWDD will be highlighting grants that support the following project goals and investments:


  • BIP Transformation housing initiatives will increase availability of housing options and the number of housing units available to individuals being transitioned from institutional settings. 
  • Over $10.5 million is being invested into housing projects


  • BIP Transformation employment initiatives will increase the number of individuals engaged in competitive employment including supporting the transition of individuals from traditional day habilitation and sheltered workshops to competitive employment. 
  • Over $18.5 million is being invested into employment projects


  • BIP Transformation self-direction initiatives support redesign efforts and will increase the number of individuals who choose to self-direct their services and supports.
  • Over $10 million is being invested into self-direction projects


  • BIP Transformation deinstitutionalization initiatives include activities supporting the successful transition of individuals residing in Developmental Centers and campus-based and non-campus based Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) to home and community based settings. 
  • Over $8.5 million is being invested into deinstitutionalization projects


  • BIP Transformation managed care initiatives support the transition to managed care to meet the organizational and structural challenges of providing new or expanded offerings of non-institutionally-based long-term services and supports during the transition to managed care, while maintaining high standards of quality services and organizational governance. 
  • Over $17 million is being invested into the transition to managed care