Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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OPWDD Joint Advisory Council for Managed Care


Welcome to the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) Joint Advisory Council (JAC) for Managed Care page.  To ensure care improvements for people and their families, and a thoughtful transition to new paths for receiving services, OPWDD has convened a Council to provide input and make recommendations. 

The purpose of the Joint Advisory Council is to advise the Commissioners of the OPWDD and Department of Health (DOH) regarding the design of managed care models that will provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities.      

The JAC has been meeting since April 2013 and continues to meet quarterly to work with OPWDD and DOH to explore the development of two managed care models –

(1)   Fully Integrated Duals Advantage (FIDA-IDD)  and other developing models.

(2)   Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)  

Joint Advisory Council Members

Betsy Mulvey, Mental Health Services
Donna Colonna, Services for the Underserved
Douglas Hamilton, St. Regis Mohawk Tribe
*Elisabeth Benjamin, Community Service Society of New York
*Gail Smith, MetroPlus Health Plan
Gerald Cohen, NYC Mental Hygiene
Henrietta Kole, ArchCare
Maxine George, Alternate Living Group
Michael Kennedy, Self Advocate
Michele Juda, Parent to Parent of New York State
Susan Constantino, Cerebral Palsy of NY
Susan Dooha, Center for Independence of the Disabled
Suzanne Lavigne, Franklin County Community Services
Yvette Watts, New York Association of Emerging and Multicultural Providers, Inc.
* Joint members of JAC & MMCARP

Meeting Schedule and Materials 


03/23/2017 – Agenda | Power Point


12/16/2016 - Agenda | Minutes |  Power Point 

09/15/2016 - Agenda | Minutes Power Point | ArchCare PACE Program Report | Conflict free Case Management Transition Plan 

06/14/2016 - Agenda | Minutes | Power Point

03/31/2016 - Agenda | Minutes | Power Point | Transformation Panel Report


09/10/2015 - Agenda | Power Point | ArchCare Power Point | FIDA-IDD Readiness Review Tool

07/24/2015 - Agenda | Minutes | Excerpts

03/12/2015 - Agenda | Power Point 


12/12/2014 - Agenda | Power Point | OPWDD Quality Monitoring in Managed Care 

07/28/2014 – Agenda | Power Point | Care Coordination | ISP, Care Planning 

05/28/2014 – Agenda | Power Point | Credential Chart | Network Adequacy 

03/28/2014 – Agenda | Power Point 


11/19/2013 – Agenda 

10/03/2013 – Agenda | People First Update | Transformation Agenda 

07/17/2013 – Agenda | Power Point


To share ideas and feedback with the Joint Advisory Council, contact