Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Facilitating a Person Centered Plan


Effective Person Centered Planning Facilitators should know how to:

  • Explore what matters to a person and their allies by listening to and learning from the person and those who know them best.
  • Identify important relationships and allies and develop a circle of support while continually building and deepening personal relationships, and expanding community allies.
  • Discover capacities and assets in the individual and their family, neighborhood, and support network to find ways to develop a vision of a meaningful life.
  • Develop a vision for a meaningful life that is rich in opportunities for community membership in the most independent settings possible, with increasing degrees of self-determination and direction.
  • Generate an action plan that clearly identifies steps for implementation, as well as the people responsible for exploration and implementation of those steps. Help organizations find ways to be more responsive to the imaginative possibilities that emerge from the plan and negotiate supports that will enhance the development of a meaningful life.