Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Medicaid Service Coordination and Service Planning


The ISP is a written personal plan based on the person’s strengths and needs that identifies the person’s desired outcomes as well as the supports needed to achieve those outcomes. It is the person’s life plan and is a tool of communication that provides guidance and direction to others who support the person in achieving the person’s life goals. In order to achieve anything in life one must have plan. And a plan is only as good as the assessment and planning process that leads to it.

The service coordinator uses a person centered approach to developing a person’s ISP; a process that seeks to listen, discover, and understand the person and involves collaborative planning with those who are important to, and chosen by, the person. The planning process for developing the ISP builds on the person’s abilities and skills to create a clear vision of a positive and desirable future. The planning process is not static; it is constantly ongoing and fosters the principles of inclusion and informed choice.

The ISP itself is the written result of this planning process. Employing a person-centered approach to that process is vital to developing a plan that will in turn result in better life outcomes for the person. A more person-centered approach to planning will result in more person-centered results; and the benefit of that person-centeredness should be evident in the person’s degree of satisfaction with their life and the services that help them live it.