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The Steps to Self-Direction 

Self-directing your services can be complicated for someone who is doing it for the first time. With help from a Circle of Support team, you can get the services you need. 

Your Circle of Support is a team of people who you choose to help you make decisions about your supports and services. This team can include your Care Manager, family and the people who know you well.  

How do you get started?

Think about what kinds of support you’d like at home and in your community.

You can talk to your Care Manager or Regional Self-Direction Liaison to find out where/when you can attend a self-direction informational meeting.

If you decide to self-direct… 

1)    Talk to your Circle of Support and Care Manager about what supports you need and how much responsibility you want to take in managing them. 

2)    Based on the services you need, you may or may not have to design a Self-Direction budget. 

3)    If you don’t need a self-direction budget, your Care Manager will help you find providers to help you manage your services. 

4)    If you do need a self-direction budget, you’ll hire staff to help you create one – a Support Broker and a Fiscal Intermediary.  

After OPWDD approves your budget, you’re on your way to living a more self-directed life!

To understand more about the steps needed to start self-directing your services, review the materials provided in the links below.