Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Service Providers


OPWDD certifies and regulates more than 700 nonprofit providers who deliver direct care to individuals with developmental disabilities. These providers offer a wide variety of services and supports, which visitors can review in the provider directory.

Many providers have implemented innovative programs that greatly improve an individual’s personal outcome. Those providers setting the standard for our system are highlighted in OPWDD’s Compass Initiative.

While the vast majority of providers deliver exceptional care, at times, some struggle in meeting OPWDD’s high standard for governance, fiscal, and safety compliance practices. OPWDD identifies areas of concern within the operations of t hose providers, and may place them on our Early Alert list—when on this list, OPWDD guides the nonprofit to corrective action that is in the bests interests of the people we serve. If a nonprofit is unable or unwilling to implement needed changes, negative action may be taken against them; this includes, but is not limited, fines, oversight of homes transferred to another provider, or decertification of programs.

Check out OPWDD's directory of Service Providers