Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Provider Performance


OPWDD is committed to keeping individuals and families informed about the performance of providers throughout the system, including state operations. OPWDD certifies and regulates more than 700 service providers, about 400 of which provide Medicaid Service Coordination. OPWDD is responsible for the oversight of these providers, ensuring high quality in all fiscal, governance, compliance and programmatic activities.

OPWDD has developed this performance page in order to help keep people in our system informed of the performance of service providers, and aware of any concerns that may exist. Anyone who does not know specifically what provider’s performance they are looking for can visit our provider directory to find service providers or services offered in their geographic region. The directory will also provide a link to an agency’s profile.

This provider performance page is a work in progress. OPWDD is continually conducting surveys and adding to performance data. This means that this page will be regularly updated. By the end of 2012, additional information on all providers, including state operations, will be available online.

Please remember that a provider’s performance may have changed since their most recent survey. Any questions may be directed to your regional office or by contacting OPWDD’s Information Line.

Agency Quality Performance Work Group

OPWDD’s Agency Quality Performance Stakeholder Work Group was established by the Provider Efficiency and Innovations Committee in September 2013 to build upon the work of the 2011 People First Waiver Quality Design Team.