Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Supports for Independent & Family Living

Supports for Independent & Family Living

Supports for Independent and Family Living include a wide array of services that allow an individual to remain in his or her own home, apartment or family care home.  Whether the individual and/or family’s  need is respite services, which provide relief for the caregiver, or assistive technology services, which can, for example, provide environmental modifications to the home to incorporate a wheelchair (such as wider doors, ramps or roll-in showers), or provide communication aids (such as speech amplifiers, guide dogs and adaptive computer hardware/software), the goal of these supports and services is to help people with developmental disabilities lead richer lives that include meaningful relationships, good health, personal growth and productivity, and homes in their communities.

Please browse the following PowerPoint for updated information on the Individual and Community Supports initiative.

Individual and Community Supports Update Powerpoint