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Intensive Behavioral (IB) Services


Intensive Behavioral (IB) Services are short-term (6 month) services that focus on developing effective behavior management strategies for individuals whose challenging behavioral issues put the individual at risk of placement in a more restrictive residential setting.  While not a crisis intervention program, this program does teach the individual, families and other caregivers how to respond to and deal with those challenging behaviors that might otherwise result in admission to a hospital or psychiatric center.

To be eligible for IB Services, the individual must live in his/her own residence or a Family Care home and  must be enrolled in the Home and Community Based Services Waiver.  If you are interested in learning more about IB Services, please contact the Eligibility Coordinator or the Intensive Behavioral Services Liaison at your local Developmental Disabilities Regional Office (DDRO) representing the county in which the individual/family lives.

IB Services Documentation

IBS Appendix B (Service Documentation) - Describes the billing requirements for IB Services and is a part of an agency’s contract.

Intensive Behavioral (IB) Services Requirements - EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2013.

IB Services Sample Daily Service Documentation Note - IB Services Sample in pdf format.

IB Services Qualitative Materials

IBS Appendix F (Qualitative Guidance on IB Services) - Describes best practices for IB Services Interventions and elements that need to be included in the FBA and BMP. This appendix is a part of an agency’s contract to deliver IB Services.

Other Materials

IB Services Individual Authorization Application - Describes the billing requirements for IB Services and is a part of an agency’s contract.

IB Services Billing Summary for Providers - Effective 10/1/2013, OPWDD transitioned IB Services from a contract based service reimbursed with 100% state funds through the OPWDD Web Based Services recording application to Fee for Service Medicaid.

IB Services Training PowerPoint - Intensive Behavioral (IB) Services Presentation to Providers October 2013 Presented by: Jill Pettinger, Anne Swartwout and Earl Jefferson