Ovid Team, Region 1 - Finger Lakes

Ovid Team, Region 1 - Finger Lakes

Team members

Members of the OVID team pose for photo, images of two others members added to collage

About the team

DDSOO REGION: Region 1  

DSP Team Name: Ovid Team 

Worksite: Finger Lakes  

Number of Members:

Nominated by: Sharon Simpson, Developmental Assistant III 


Why was this team selected for the DSP honor? 

The Ovid Team, according to Sharon Simpson, Developmental Assistant III, has grown over the last three years. They come together to overcome whatever is being placed in front of them, such as COVID, the ever-changing regulations and the long hours and overtime.  

“Not only does the team cover the overtime at our house, but they have volunteered to help other houses,” Simpson says. “Working together as a team, staff can help each other to be able to attend family functions and keep balance in their life.” 

“Ovid is an amazing team that works together and works long hours so not to cause cluster mandates,” Simson explains. “Ovid has great attendance as a team. We have very few call ins and that wasn’t always the case. I can count my teams call ins for the last year on one hand. That is truly is amazing.”  

“Ovid also is a house that enjoys taking the people we serve on inclusions that all can enjoy such as music events, dances, movies, picnics and day trips such as to Niagara Falls,” she says. “We try to involve everyone as a group, making each moment count.”  


What sets this team apart from others? 

The Ovid Team not only cares about the people they serve but they care about each other as a Team member. They encourage each other to ask for help when trying to work out family time. Each team member knows that family time is important and they are there for each other, so no one misses out on life, Simpsons says.  


What specifically has the team done to support OPWDD’s mission of helping people with developmental disabilities live richer lives? 

Ovid is a great house; staff work together to ensure it’s a happy and safe place for the people living there.   

“Ovid has many challenging behaviors. The staff are consistent with peoples’ plans, which has assisted them to have restrictions removed from their plan, and which has given them more opportunities. This has enabled the people living there to live more fulfilling lives,” Simpson says. 

The house itself is bright and cheerful. When you walk in you see pictures of the people living there all over the house featuring activities in the community.     

Developmental Assistant II Doris Bowman is the glue that holds the house together, Simpson adds. She is the person that makes Ovid a family.  

“The same energy she put into the people living there, she also puts into the staff. The DA2 makes the team – which Doris does by leading by example,” Simpson says. “Doris works just as much overtime as her staff and is willing to come to work on her days off if needed to cover the house.” 

“Doris is tough, but fair, and the staff respects her and is willing to work hard for her,” Simpson adds. “Doris is very passionate about the care the people in the home receive and is their biggest advocate.”