Pamela Sam

Pamela is wearing striped shirt and is smiling

REGION: 1 – Western New York  

DSP: Pamela Sam 

Position: Direct Support Assistant/Job Coach 

Years of Service: 20 


Pamela Sam was chosen by the Western New York DDSOO as a Direct Support Professional of the Year due to the fact that she exhibits kindness and compassion towards every person the DDSOO supports and to each coworker that she encounters. 

“When crisis situations occur, she can be counted on to make effective decisions that ensure the safety of all. Pamela is a flexible team player,” says Kaitlin Gage, Habilitation Specialist II. 

Pamela job coaches for both Supported Employment (SEMP) and Community Prevocational (CPV) opportunities. Gage says she takes advantage of using teachable moments to promote independence, problem solving and assisting people to thrive in the least-restrictive setting.  

“She advocates for creative accommodations and additional supports people might need to increase their success while participating in SEMP or CPV,” adds Gage. “Pamela has a big heart and always gives her all. She approaches every opportunity with positivity, and when barriers do occur, she uses an open-minded approach.”  Gage says Pamela is willing to seek help when needed and continues to use the resources around her to facilitate effective and quality job coaching. 

“Pamela is highly dedicated to assisting people with their aspirations. She does this by building meaningful relationships and assisting the person to establish connections in the environments that they volunteer or work in,” Gage says. “She is positive, patient and committed to improving the lives of those she works with.”