2020 Campus Tree Removal Services in Erie County

To whom it may concern,


Attached is the RFQ for Campus Tree Removal Services for Western NY DDSOO.  OPWDD’s Contract Management Unit is requesting quotes from responsible and qualified MWBEs, SDVOBs or NYS small business contractors to perform Tree Removal Services at the West Seneca Campus in Erie County.  The Scope of Work includes but is not limited to the safe removal and disposal of 107 trees located on the West Seneca Campus OPWDD property, to be completed within 120 days of contract award.  A mandatory site visit is required to submit a quote and must be attended on March 10that 10am at Building 63 of the West Seneca Campus.   

Pursuant to its discretionary purchasing authority under State Finance Law § 163(6), this procurement opportunity is limited to NYS Small Businesses, MWBE-certified pursuant to Article 15-A of the New York State Executive Law or SDVOB-certified pursuant to Article 17-B of the New York State Executive Law. 

The successful bidder must submit at least three (3) work references that will verify that the bidder has at least three (3) years of relevant experience to complete the work as listed in Scope/Mandatory Requirements.  Applicable insurances are required.  Contract will be awarded to the responsible and responsive bidder(s) that provides the lowest total cost for tree removal services.  Prevailing wage will apply. 

If you are interested, please submit 1 copy of each of the following:  Cost Proposal Form, Contractor Information page and Mandatory Supporting Documents.

Quotes can be submitted via email, mail or hand delivery.  All quotes are due by 2pm on April 1, 2020. If you have any questions, you can contact: 


Email: [email protected]


Kyle Newton

Email: jennifer.k.newton @opwdd.ny.gov

Phone: (845) 877-6821 ext. 3219