2024-2029 Campus Lawn Care and Maintenance Services in Dutchess County

OPWDD's Contract Management Unit for Taconic NY DDSOO is soliciting sealed bids from responsible and qualified contractors to perform Campus Lawn Care and Maintenance Services in Dutchess County. References attesting to at least two years of relevant experience, financial resources, and applicable insurances are required. Bid opening will be conducted via Web Ex, not face to face. Please refer to the IFB, Pg. 7, Section 13.A.(4) for details.


Contract will be awarded to the responsible and responsive bidder who will provide the lowest Total Seasonal Price for all Campus Lawn Care and Maintenance Services.


Prevailing Wage will be applicable.


If you are interested, please submit at least one (1) original copy of the:

IFB Cost Proposal Form & Signature Page

References (mandatory supporting document)

Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire (mandatory supporting document)

Please submit all required bid documents to:

Taconic DDSOO, Contract Management Unit C/O Felicia DeHaan, CMS 1 - IFB TAC 110123

26 Center Circle, Services Building

Wassaic, NY 12592-2637


Submissions are due by 3:00PM on November 1st, 2023, no exceptions. Bids must be hand delivered or mailed. Emailed bids will not be accepted.


Please note that the Informational Contract Template attached is for reference only. Do not submit anything inside that PDF with your bid.


If you have any questions, please submit them to: The Contract Hub at [email protected]


Felicia DeHaan at [email protected]