2020 Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative RFP Data

The following numbers were developed from a time-limited real time data collection conducted by OPWDD’s regional offices. These numbers are the extrapolated annual requests for housing by people who meet the following ESSHI criteria.  These criteria are:

  1. People at least 18 years of age who are eligible for OPWDD services who are seeking housing;
  2. People who were identified as being at imminent risk of homelessness due to potential loss of caregiver; and
  3. People being referred from institutional settings (including development centers, intermediate care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, prisons, and residential schools).
Region Number of people meeting ESSHI requirements Number of people with an ISPM of 1 or 3 coming from institutional setting or at imminent risk of homelessness
1 420 68
2 156 12
3 20 12
4 556 104
5 20 8
Totals 1272 204