OPWDD supports providers that want to reach beyond basic regulatory compliance towards furthering a culture of excellence within their operational practices. OPWDD strongly encourages agencies to engage in meaningful person-centered practices that focus on individualized outcomes.

Providers may want to consider using the Council on Quality and Leadership's (CQL) 21 Personal Outcome Measure (POM) domains as one method to evaluate whether outcomes are being achieved for people based on the supports that they have in place. Personal Outcome Measures enhance the system by focusing on quality from the perspective of the person receiving services. 

An agency may also choose to pursue accreditation through CQL or other accrediting entity.

Accreditation may also be obtained from another organization such as the Council on Accreditation or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities . Accreditation can be an effective quality improvement tool. However this does not change or affect existing OPWDD survey and certification requirements or findings, but simply enhances them.