Veterans are trained with valuable skills that are needed in the developmental disabilities workforce. Learn how your agency can qualify as a Veteran On-the-Job Training Program to connect Veteran candidates with benefits from the Veterans Administration.

On-the-job (OJT) and apprenticeship training programs allow Veterans to learn a trade or skill through on-the-job participation rather than attending formal classroom instruction. If your agency offers a VA-approved training program, Veterans can apply to use their GI Bill® benefit and receive a tax-free stipend, which is paid in addition to the entry-level wage.

How to Start

Contact your State Approving Agency, which is responsible for approving OJT/apprenticeship programs within each state. Once all required documents are submitted, approval is generally completed in 1-2 months. For more information regarding OJT and apprenticeship programs, read the State Department of Labor’s Training Program Fact Sheet.

For more info, contact your SAA – the Department of Veteran's Services, Bureau of Veterans Education at 1-888-838-7697 (VETSNYS).

Getting Approved

The New York State Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) serves as the State Administrative Agency (SAA) delivering program support to Veterans and employers. To begin the approval process, interested employers must submit the documents listed below to SAA contacts: [email protected] and [email protected].   

  1. To apply for the Veterans’ On-the-Job Training program, the following information must be submitted to the SAA for each trainee title:
  2. Once the site is approved, Veterans interested in applying for the stipend would submit the following forms to the SAA:
  3. Veteran reimbursement requires that Time & Attendance records for each calendar month, determining that the trainee worked at least 120 hours, be sent to the SAA

Other Resources to Help Recruit Veterans

Business Services from NYS DOL

Local Veterans’ Employment Representatives (LVERS) specialize in advocating on behalf of veterans with business, industry, and community organizations to promote employment and training opportunities for veterans. They also provide services including job matching and job placement for veterans, conduct employer outreach, inform Federal contractors of the process to hire qualified veterans, and promote credentialing and licensing opportunities for veterans. Find out more.
Employers Can Receive up to $9,600 in Tax Credits for Hiring Veterans

How large are the tax credits per veteran?

  • Federal: $2,400 up to $9,600 for first year of employment
  • NY State: up to $2,100 for the second year of employment

The size of the credit depends on the following items:

  • Number of hours employed during the first year
  • Disability status (particularly service-connected disabilities)
  • Unemployment status
  • Receipt of vocational rehabilitation services from a state-certified agency or the US Department of Veteran Affairs

How can your organization take advantage of these tax credits?

  • Visit www.labor.ny.gov for the appropriate forms under Work Opportunity Tax Credit (federal) and
  • Workers with Disabilities Tax Credit (NY state) programs
    • Employers must submit IRS Form 8850 and 9061 within 28 days of hiring date
    • Tax credits should then be claimed on income tax returns

Employment Toolkits

The US Division of Veteran Affairs and the Department of Labor provide employer support in hiring Veterans through Employment Toolkits and other helpful resources.