Billing Training on SLMS

Training on billing is available on the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS).


The "All About Billing" training will provide information on billing services to Medicaid and to OPWDD for services paid with 100% state funding.  Topics include Medicaid Claim Submission, voucher submission, and changes/updates that impact how services are billed. Information regarding technical assistance and guidance documents will also be provided.  The training is appropriate for staff in your finance or billing departments.  

Tips for Billing OPWDD's Payment Processing Unit

Claims cannot be submitted earlier than the 1st of the month following the month of service delivery
 e.g. services provided in June, submit no earlier than July 1st. Claim reflects a service month of June

  • All services claimed on a billing form must be for the same month and year
  • Only one service type (rate code) submitted on a billing form 
  • Multiple billing forms can be submitted with a single voucher, unless directions state otherwise
  • Individuals served should be listed 
    • in ALPHABETICAL order
    • LAST NAME, FIRST NAME format
  • TABS ID must be included for each individual
  • All billing forms must be signed and dated

Instead of entering data on a billing form, a computer printout can be submitted with the signed and dated billing form, but the computer printout must contain all required data identified on the billing form.

If the service date is more than 3 months old, a letter explaining the delay must accompany the claim submission. OPWDD Central Office will consider these claims on a case by case basis.

A completed Claim for Payment form (AC-3253s) or Standard Voucher (AC-92) must be included with each submission of billing forms. These forms can be found on the NYS Comptroller's website.

Components of Eligibility Required for Billing

  • The provider must have authorization to deliver the services (Operating Certificate)
  • The person must be eligible to receive the service. Providers are required to verify Medicaid coverage prior to providing services
  • The OPWDD Regional Office must authorize the provider to deliver the service to the person.