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Care Coordination Organizations provide care management for people with developmental disabilities

Health Home Care Management services provided by Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs) provide coordination of health care, behavioral health and developmental disability services to New Yorkers who qualify for OPWDD services. There are six core Health Home Care Management functions: comprehensive care management, care coordination and health promotion, comprehensive transitional care from inpatient to other settings, including appropriate follow-up, individual and family support, referral to community and social services, and the use of Health Information Technology (HIT) to link services. 

You can find an overview of enrollment and care planning information for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities receiving OPWDD services through our Care Coordination Organization/Health Home Care Management Profile.

Care Coordination Organization Planning

Developing a Plan

Understanding Services
Help People Access Supports

To help people with developmental disabilities gain access to needed services, you must first direct them to the Front Door process at one of OPWDD's regional offices across the state.

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Help the people you support to live, work and take part in their community of choice by connecting them with the right services to meet their individual needs