Choking Prevention Training Resources

Many persons served by OPWDD have problems chewing and/or swallowing food, placing them at possible risk for choking or aspiration.  These people need food and/or liquids changed in some way to make them safer and easier to eat.  This packet provides definitions and guidelines that will help in the safe preparation of the food and/or liquids for specific diet consistencies.

ATTENTION:  Online Choking Prevention trainings previously listed here are now accessible through the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS). On the ‘Find Learning’ page, search “choking prevention” in the ‘Search by keyword’ box. More instructions for creating an SLMS account and searching for classes can be found on the OPWDD Training Opportunities page.

This training provides a brief overview of concerns, identification and reduction of choking hazards, interventions for prevention and appropriate first aid response. The training is also available in printable PDF format below.

These videos below are to be used in tandem with the Food Preparation Guidelines to provide a clear understanding of terminology and hands-on preparation of the various diet consistencies.

Choking Prevention Resources


    Choking Prevention Crosswalk (Added 2023)

    This document is available to help guide staff to match the correct diet consistency when an individual has a diet consistency recommended by a non-agency Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) that does not match the OPWDD Choking Prevention Initiative (CPI) Consistency Guidelines.



Plated Food Consistencies Photos



    Food is put through a food processor until moist, cohesive and no larger than a grain of rice. Ground food must always be moist.





    All foods are moistened and processed until smooth (no lumps) to an applesauce or pudding like consistency.



Order OPWDD Cutting Board

OPWDD has created cutting boards to assist with determining appropriate food sizes.  Provider agencies can order their own cutting boards from the vendor JCB Specialties. JCB Specialties accepts both large and small orders of the OPWDD Choking Prevention Initiative (CPI) Cutting Boards (large quantities are no longer needed to place an order for shipment).  

Cutting boards may be ordered from:

          JCB Specialties Inc.   

          8 Sand Creek Road 

           Albany, New York 12205


           The contact person at JCB is:

           Amy Bennett 518‐459‐0566 


Please note: 

You must ask for “flexible cutting boards, exact repeat for OPWDD full color imprint.” 

Pricing varies depending on the number ordered and shipping cost.

For further assistance, please contact [email protected]