The Early Alert Process

Early Alert is a process to proactively identify providers that may show signs of decreased quality, enabling OPWDD to take timely and definitive action. The Early Alert Committee is chaired by the OPWDD Deputy Commissioner of Quality Improvement and is comprised of OPWDD agency leadership.

What happens at EA Committee Meetings?

At each meeting there is a focus on specific agencies who have repeated certification deficiencies impacting the quality of care or have significant fiscal concerns that threatens its fiscal viability.

Remedial Actions

Remedial actions may be required by the Early Alert committee based on a variety of factors, including the size of the agency, the extent of the problem identified and the agency's past history as an OPWDD provider.

Remedial actions would include meeting with the agency's executive staff and/or its Board of Directors to discuss the circumstances in which the agency finds itself. At this juncture, OPWDD may require the agency to develop and implement a management plan that has been reviewed and approved by OPWDD staff, to address governance, fiscal or programmatic.

Removal From EA

An agency that has been placed on the Early Alert list can be removed from the list if it complies in full with OPWDD's recommendations and provides evidence to show that the issues that were of concern, have been corrected and a system has been put in place to prevent recurrence.

The other occasion when an agency will be removed from the list is when OPWDD takes action to transition service(s) to another agency.

Agencies on Early Alert

Accountability Initiative

Through the OPWDD Accountability Initiative, we began imposing fines when an agency’s action or inaction poses a significant risk to one or more individuals.

Disclaimer- PLEASE NOTE: Fines assessed against the agencies listed on this website are not final determinations at the time of initial posting. Once a fine is assessed, each agency has the opportunity to appeal the decision. The assessment of any fine becomes final when one of the following occurs:

The agency pays the fine;
The 30 day time period to appeal runs out and the agency does not appeal; or
The agency appeals the fine assessment and the fine is upheld.

Agencies With Monetary Fines