Follow these Steps to Report Incidents or Abuse

Follow these Steps to Report Incidents or Abuse


There are specific steps that must be followed when reporting incidents, abuse and serious notable occurrences. 


Call OPWDD's Incident Management Unit

  • Immediately notify OPWDD's Incident Management Unit (IMU) at 518-473-7032
  • If after hours, call the off-hours notification line at 888-479-6763.
  • Providers may also call these numbers if technical assistance is required by IMU staff.

What to Include in Your Notification

  • Notifications to IMU must include all pertinent information, including a detailed description of the incident and all protections. 
  • A phone number where IMU staff may call if necessary must also be included.

When to Make Your Notification

  • After making the initial notification to IMU by phone immediately after the incident is discovered, the incident information must be entered into OPWDD’s Incident Report and Management Application (IRMA)
  • The information must be entered into IRMA within 24 hours of occurrence or discovery or by the close of the next business day, whichever is later.

When to Notify the Justice Center

All Reportable Incidents in programs operated or certified by OPWDD must also be reported to the NYS Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs at 1-855-373-2122