Incident Management

Report Abuse

All Reportable Incidents must be reported by telephone to OPWDD's Incident Management Unit 518-473-7032 

Reportable Incidents of Abuse and Neglect include but are not limited to physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, as well as other prohibited conduct such as deliberate inappropriate use of restraint, and neglect. Reportable Significant Incidents include but are not limited to medication errors that result in adverse effects, use of seclusion, mistreatment, missing person, and choking events. These definitions are explained in detail in the Part 624 Handbook.


STEPs to report an incident

Part 624 Handbook

Incidents & Investigations
Incident Forms

Access Reportable Incident and Allegation of Abuse forms


Death Investigations

All deaths in the OPWDD system must receive a thorough investigation




Willowbrook Incidents

Reporting an incident involving a Willowbrook class member


read the GUIDELINES 

Incident Reporting Management System
Report an Incident in IRMA

All reportable incidents must be entered into OPWDD's Incident Report and Management Application (IRMA).  

Request Access to IRMA

To gain access to IRMA, you must first fill out OPWDD's External User ID and System Access Request Form.  

Statewide Committee on Incident Review
The Statewide Committee on Incident Review (SCIR) is dedicated to preventing harm and abuse of people with developmental disabilities who receive services operated, funded or authorized by OPWDD. Members of the Committee are appointed by OPWDD leadership and include individuals who perform a variety of functions at the agency's Central and Regional offices. Membership also includes representation from not-for-profit providers and provider organizations across the state.