Life Plan Outcome Measures for Providers

Goals are outlined in the Life Plan Section II:  Outcomes and Support Strategies and can also appear in Section III: Individual Safeguards/Individual Plan of Protection. These are derived from the person's assessment.

The Life  Plan will assign valued outcomes/goals to the provider with the following labels:

  • (G) = Goal
  • (S) = Support
  • (T) = Task
Goals Translated to Staff Action Plans

Examples of Life Plan Goals and Outcomes

Example of Life Plan Performance Outcome Measures Goals

Outcome Areas - System Measures

Some things to look at:

  • Does the person live and receive services in the most integrated settings?
  • Does the person have community participation experiences that are meaningful to him/her?
  • Does the person have meaningful relationships with friends, family and others that are important to him/her?
  • Does the person experience personal health, safety and growth opportunities?
  • Does the person exercise choice and decision making in his/her life and with his/her daily schedule to the extent possible?