The goal of PRAISE (Promoting Relationships and Implementing Safe Environments) is to remind us all about our responsibilities to demonstrate OPWDD’s core values, which include supporting human dignity, showing compassion, promoting honesty and providing for excellence in all that we do. This training is available for use by voluntary agencies and is required annually for all OPWDD employees.

Course Objectives

Upon completion the PRAISE course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss how putting the person first means supporting individuals with developmental disabilities to build positive relationships.
  • Exhibit the qualities of respect and sensitivity. Understand why “person-first” language is important while speaking with and about individuals and how to practice it.
  • Identify ways to deliver supports that provide opportunities to pursue meaningful activities in the community that encourage free and informed choice in service planning tailored to the individual’s interests.
  • Discuss the responsibilities of every employee to protect each supported individual with developmental disabilities from harm - to recognize, stop, and report abuse - and to uphold and to advocate for his/her rights.
  • Describe, in their own words, the various Reportable Incidents and Notable Occurrences that are discussed in the course.