The Survey Process

All agencies that are certified and/or authorized to deliver OPWDD services are reviewed by OPWDD for quality and compliance with regulatory requirements. Reviews of services, service sites, and agency competence are conducted by Division of Quality Improvement (DQI) staff through three survey activities:

Site reviews are conducted at individuals’ residential, day and clinical service settings that are certified for operation by OPWDD. Reviews are typically unannounced. 

Person-Centered Reviews focus on the varied services provided to individuals whether they are site-based, community-based or care management services. The review examines the effectiveness of the array of services in meeting the person’s desired and needed outcomes. 

Agency Reviews assess the provider’s organizational mechanisms to ensure the delivery of quality services in compliance with quality practices and regulatory requirements.

The best way to prepare for your survey or agency review is through good operational practices and ongoing self-assessment. 

Below you'll find the review protocol manuals, checklists and tools to assist you in your self-assessment of the services you provide. On this website, you will also find health and safety alerts as well as best practices in service provision, audit protocols and information on upcoming training. 

Make use of all these resources so you can achieve quality outcomes for the people you support.  


Self-Assessment: Quality Improvement Review Tools

Agency Quality Performance Standards are intended to be applied to and referenced by all agencies providing service and supports to people with developmental disabilities.


Site Survey Review Protocols