Statewide Committee on Incident Review


OPWDD established a Statewide Committee on Incident Review (SCIR). Members are appointed by OPWDD leadership to include individuals who perform a variety of functions in OPWDD, at Central Office and Regional Offices. Membership also includes representation from not-for-profit providers statewide and provider organizations.

The mission of the Statewide Committee on Incident Review is to prevent harm to and abuse of persons with developmental disabilities through the reduction of incidents in New York State for persons who receive services operated, funded or authorized by OPWDD.

About Statewide Committee on Incident Review

  • SCIR develops recommendations for revisions in regulations and policy and interprets current OPWDD regulations to improve quality and consistency in the incident management process required by OPWDD.  This, in turn, enhances safeguarding of individuals receiving services
  • SCIR makes recommendations to the Deputy Commissioner of DQI on guidance and/or changes to the regulations and statutes 
  • SCIR creates sub-committees or work groups to implement agency initiatives
  • SCIR develops information on best practices in safeguarding through trend analysis and research, and disseminates this information to providers of services in the OPWDD system
  • SCIR issues Safeguarding Alerts which can be found on the OPWDD website.  Topics include: Choking, Lead Alert, Helmet Safety, Drowning Alert, Carbon Monoxide, Bowel Management, Dryer Safety, Safe Bathing Practices and Incidents of Inflicted Injury (Abuse)


  • OPWDD Director of Incident Management, Chairperson
  • OPWDD Director of Central Office Investigations and Internal Affairs
  • OPWDD Division of Quality Improvement, Bureau of Program Certification and Continuous Quality Improvement Representatives
  • OPWDD Counsel Representative
  • OPWDD Statewide Services, Behavioral and Clinical Solutions Representative(s)
  • OPWDD Regional Office Representatives with appropriate background, etc.
  • OPWDD Representatives from other divisions as invited by the Chair
  • Voluntary Agency Provider Representatives (including one Compass Agency, and one Provider Association Representative)

To contact SCIR, please send an email to [email protected].