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Disability Network Business Acumen Learning Collaborative

Disability Network Business Acumen Learning Collaborative


As we all work to ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities live richer lives by expanding, tailoring and implementing New York’s Health Home care management model, service providers are finding it necessary to find new ways to adapt to the changing health care landscape.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for providers to up their business acumen, or business “smarts," as it is often called and OPWDD will have resources available here for you to do just that.

We will have information on how providers can develop successful strategies to build, implement and participate in integrated care systems. Starting with Health Homes and Care Coordination Organizations, we will build our collective expertise so that the system that supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities will be ready for managed care.

This site will serve as a “virtual library” for our Provider and family stakeholders. Practical information that can be downloaded, with links to additional resources, is our mission.

First, the Readiness Assessment Tool can educate your community-based organization and boards of directors about your readiness for successfully engaging health care providers and plans in partnerships. 

Next, view the webinar on  Translating Data into Better Outcomes:  Practical Approaches to Using Data to Facilitate Group Change.  This webinar will give your organization some ways to use data for organizational change and quality improvement with practical examples from New York State and Ohio. The webinar will also help you understand how to implement data metrics and dashboards to support organizational decision-making, understand approaches that enable staff at all levels to easily participate and understand in data-driven strategies, and learn about approaches to using data in a way that are easily managed within the organization without the need for outside consultants or expensive computer software.

This vision of strong partnerships that will increase access to quality services across the health, behavioral health and habilitation worlds will be supported with collectively sharing information such as how to:

  • build relationships with health care providers and payers
  • price and bill for services
  • describe how services will generate return on investment and cost savings for payers
  • negotiate contracts
  • manage interoperable data systems
  • access electronic health records
  • report data to payers

Check back here often to see what new information and insights you can connect with. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at: [email protected].