Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

Care Coordination Organizations FAQs for MSCs/Care Managers

Questions and Answers:

What happens to MSC’s? Who will they work for?

MSC’s currently working for provider agencies will have the opportunity to apply to become care managers and work for one of the CCO/HHs. To ensure a smooth transition, during the first year of operations CCO/HH care managers can continue to work for their MSC provider agency under contract with the CCO/HH for the delivery of HH Care Management services.  During this period appropriate firewalls and supervisory structures must be in place to ensure services meet the federal conflict of interest standards for HH Care Management. After one year of operation, all care managers (including former MSCs) providing care management under a designated I/DD Health Home must be directly employed by the I/DD Health Home.  The only organization that may continue to provide HCBS and Care Coordination services after July 1, 2018 are federally recognized Tribes that operate an OPWDD certified agency.

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What are the qualifications to become a Care Manager?

CCO/HH Care Managers who serve adults and children with I/DD must meet the following qualifications:

  • A Bachelor of Arts or Science degree with two years of relevant experience, OR
  • A License as a Registered Nurse with two years or relevant experience, OR
  • A Master’s degree with one year of relevant experience.

CCO/HH Care Manager education and experience requirements will be waived for existing MSC Service Coordinators who apply to serve as Care Managers in CCO/HHs. CCO/HH will be required to provide Health Home core services training for current MSC’s who transition to the Health Home program and do not meet the minimum education and experience requirements. This training will be provided by the Health Home within six months of employing or contracting for the former MSC’s services. Based on existing MSC Service Coordinators’ experience and this training, it is anticipated that most Service Coordinators will transition to Care Manager roles.


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Will current MSC Service Coordinators be grandfathered in to the Care Manager role? Under what terms?

Care Manager education and experience requirements will be waived for existing MSC’s who apply and are determined by the CCO/HH to have the special skills and abilities necessary to provide Care Management.   Core training will be required within the first six months of being hired by the CCO/HH to equip those coordinators to develop skills in broader care coordination competency areas. MSC’s who have the skills and abilities necessary to transition to Care Manager roles will be employed by the CCO/HH.

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