ADM #2024-01 Medical Immobilization/Protective Stabilization (MIPS) and Sedation for Medical/Dental Appointments

Part of OPWDD’s mission of supporting individuals with developmental disabilities includes that people with developmental disabilities will have and maintain good health. In order to enable this, OPWDD recognizes that individuals with developmental disabilities may need medical immobilization/protective stabilization (MIPS) and/or sedation during medical or dental appointments to facilitate the comfort and cooperation of the individual receiving services, to prevent injury, and to protect the health and safety of the individual and/or others. MIPS and/or sedation are to be used only when necessary to successfully provide the requisite medical or dental treatment, and there are no other clinically acceptable techniques that would be appropriate or effective.

This ADM defines medical immobilization/protective stabilization (MIPS) and sedation and establishes requirements pertinent to the performance of MIPS and administration of sedation. MIPS and sedation for medical or dental appointments may only be used in accordance with this ADM.