ADM#2021-04R Crisis Services for Individuals with Intellectualand/or Developmental Disabilities (CSIDD) Service Requirements and Billing Standards.

This Administrative Memorandum (ADM) defines the service, billing, and documentation requirements for Crisis Services for Individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities (CSIDD). This ADM applies to all provider agencies certified by the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) to deliver CSIDD. CSIDD providers must comply with all other applicable State and Federal requirements.


This ADM was originally issued on January 6, 2021. It was revised on March 24, 2021 to apply retroactively to October 1, 2020,  March 31, 2021, and June 8, 2021 to include additional billing information. It has now been revised to clarify documentation requirements for assessment and billing. The additional revisions appear in bold and are underlined.