Scott Fabrizi

Scott smiles, wearing gray t-shirt

REGION: 2 – Broome 

DSP: Scott Fabrizi 

Position: Developmental Assistant II 

Years of Service: 12


Scott Fabrizi was selected as a Direct Support Professional of the Year by Broome DDSOO because he is considered a dynamic and upstanding DSP. 

Troy Carley, Developmental Assistant III, says Scott has always been someone who places the needs of the people he supports first and foremost.  

“Scott manages a home that supports people with very high needs. There are very active advocates who sometimes are a challenge to please. However, Scott is a true professional and keeps all peoples’ needs in mind, not being swayed by any other opinions or outside input,” Carley adds. “Because of this the people in Scott’s care are living a comfortable, high-quality life. Everyone who lives at the home enjoys having Scott there and react in a positive manner whenever he is around.” 

Carley says Scott’s work ethic, attendance, performance and overall demeanor are what make him outstanding.  

“Scott excels in what he does and our DDSOO is better off for it,” he says. “Scott shines as an advocate not only for the people he supports, but for the staff on his team. Whenever the time comes to assist the people, Scott jumps in and leads by example. He never delegates any job or task that he wouldn’t be willing to do himself. It’s because of this that his staff have such high respect for him and enjoy having him as their supervisor.”  

“Because he is such a good team payer, you may think that he would be behind in his work as house manager,” Carley continues. “But somehow, Scott manages to complete his work on time, if not ahead of schedule. There are numerous times when Scott has completed a task before even being asked to do so.” 

With a busy schedule and work demands, Scott communicates and manages all his priorities very effectively. Carley says Scott’s devotion to his family is an inspiration – he and his wife are parents of a special-needs child. But Scott still manages to attend and participate in every one of the meetings of the persons in his care.  

“Scott is very knowledgeable about the needs of all the people he supports and ensures their care is a top priority for his staff and team,” Carley says. “He has advocated for one of the people at the home to go see their favorite baseball team and does what it takes to make things happen. 

“Since day one, Scott has always been an overachiever and worked 110 percent to ensure that all the people he served over the years received the highest quality care,” Carley says. “Every interaction I have ever had with Scott has always been professional and positive. He rarely needs guidance from anyone and is very successful. My only wish is that we could clone him!” 

“Scott is very deserving of recognition, and it would be my pleasure to stand beside him any day of the week,” Carley concludes.