Shirlenno Gumbs

Shirlenno smiles and poses

REGION: 5 – Metro New York 

DSP: Shirlenno Gumbs 

Position: Developmental Assistant I 

Years of Service:


The Metro New York DDSOO selected Shirlenno Gumbs for Direct Support Professional of the Year because of her willingness to jump in and help wherever and whenever she is needed. 

“Shirlenno has shared that she enjoys the responsibility of fulfilling tasks daily that benefit others. She enjoys the advancement opportunities and working in a positive work environment. Ultimately Shirlenno finds it rewarding to see the people she supports be happy,” says Team Treatment Leader Jeanne Marie Robinson. 

Shirlenno has demonstrated that she is a team player. Robinson says she supports her team and leads by example.  

“The people who reside in the home have come to see Shirlenno as someone they can trust and depend on,” adds Robinson. “She will always greet people and staff with a smile. When another residence needed support, Shirlenno was willing to jump in and help wherever she was needed. She even offered to change her shift and pass days to meet the team’s needs. Her first question when approached was ‘how can I be of support?’”  

Shirlenno accepts every new challenge or assignment and gives it her all, Robinson adds.  

“She encourages the people she supports to be as independent as possible, encouraging them to live their best lives,” Robinson continues. “Shirlenno cares for the people and their safety. She has the ability to be in tune to what’s going on with those she supports. When one may be engaging in risky behaviors, Shirlenno will talk with her patiently, never in a condescending way. I know they appreciate her support and kindness as they reach out to her as she walks in the door.” 

“Shirlenno split her time between two homes with ease. It always appeared that both residences were her priority and neither missed out on anything during this period.  The people living there always received the attention and support they needed,” she says.