Strategic Planning

Improving Our System of Services

Section 5.07 of the NYS Mental Hygiene Law requires OPWDD to produce an annual report describing its 5-year Strategic Plan and provide the report to the Governor and legislature by November 1st of each year. In 2021, we launched a new strategic planning process.  In May 2022, OPWDD issued a draft Strategic Plan, and in November 2022, we released the final 2023-2027 Strategic Plan. The final plan encompassed extensive public input gathered over 18 months of regional forums, public hearings and meetings with stakeholders across New York. The final Strategic Plan will guide OPWDD policy and planning efforts for the next several years, focusing the agency on achieving identified goals and objectives in continued partnership with people with developmental disabilities, their family members, and service providers. The Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council was established within the NYS Mental Hygiene Law and is tasked with providing recommendations on statewide priorities, planning and process evaluations. The DDAC is an important partner in OPWDD’s strategic planning process.

2023 Strategic Plan Annual Report
OPWDD has released the 2023 Strategic Plan Annual Report. This Report represents an important step toward the goals outlined in our 2023-2027 Strategic Plan and outlines how OPWDD has intentionally integrating them into our daily work.
Strategic Plan Goals
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Goal 1: 1 Strengthen Our Workforce, Technology, and Collaboration

Advance the service system’s infrastructure by investing in the workforce, updating data technology, and improving decision-making through collaboration.

Direct Support Workforce

Improve the recruitment, retention, and quality of the direct support workforce.

Data Access and Technology

Invest in technology that provides more timely information and increases the availability of data.

Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration

Promote stakeholder engagement and co

llaboration to inform decision-making.



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Goal 2: Transform Our System through Innovation and Change

Expand the system’s ability to empower people by strengthening supports, simplifying policies, and exploring new approaches to providing services.

Supports and Services

Strengthen the quality, effectiveness, and sustainability of supports and services.

Regulatory and Policy Changes

Change policies to create greater flexibility, increase opportunity for community integration, and incentivize improved personal outcomes.

Research and Innovation

Conduct research, evaluate programs, and test new methods for providing services.



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Goal 3: Enhance Our Person-Centered Supports and Services
Children, Youth, and Young Adults

Ensure children, youth, and young adults receive appropriate and coordinated services.

Complex Needs

Expand supports for people with complex behavioral and medical needs.

Cultural and Ethnically Diverse Communities

Address gaps in services for underserved, culturally, and ethnically diverse communities. 

The Planning Process

OPWDD has established an ongoing strategic planning process that will continuously engage stakeholders in evaluating and making any necessary adjustments to agency priority goals and initiatives. This process will involve regular, ongoing dialogue with all OPWDD stakeholders and ensure that as progress is made and new needs arise, OPWDD can remain aware and responsive to the needs of people with developmental disabilities and the service system that supports them. The ongoing planning process will involve regular progress reporting as well as annual updates to share relevant information about the service system and to updated the Strategic Plan itself.

November 2022 - 2023-2027 Strategic Plan published

Throughout the Year - Quarterly Updates at Stakeholder Group Meetings

Spring 2023 - Data Updates

Summer 2023 - Stakeholder Survey

November 2023 - Updated Annual Report on the Strategic Plan

2023 Winter/Spring Strategic Plan Update
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Video of 2023 Winter/Spring Strategic Plan Update
American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)
Federal Funding to Advance Home and Community Based Services
By the Numbers
This data provides information on people with developmental disabilities in NYS covered under the Medicaid program and staff.