Strategic Planning

Comprehensive Strategic 5.07 Plan

Planning for the Future

OPWDD is committed to planning for a more sustainable, equitable and accessible system
Improving Our System of Services

OPWDD has identified areas of high need to refocus our efforts and define our goals for both the present and future of services. We are committed to creating a service delivery system in New York State that ensures access, equity and sustainability while addressing the needs of the people we support. We believe every eligible New Yorker with a developmental disability deserves equal opportunity to access OPWDD services regardless of where in the state they live, their age or their ethnicity. 

As we work to build an efficient, effective and equitable service delivery system for New Yorkers with developmental disabilities, we will seek stakeholder feedback to inform our decision-making. To help us accomplish our system goals, we have launched a new strategic planning process which will result in the production of a 5.07 Strategic Plan to communicate our five-year outlook.

Achieving Our Goals

All eligible people will receive supports based on their specific needs as determined using a fair and consistent process.


All eligible people will be able to access flexible services and supports that change as the person's needs change, explained in their language of choice.


All eligible people will receive supports and services that can continue to be maintained well into the future.

5.07 Plan
OPWDD is in the process of developing a new, agency-wide strategic planning process to better align organizational operations and resources, with its broader mission and goals.
American Rescue Plan

The federal government implemented the American Rescue Plan in 2021 which sets aside funding for home and community-based services through Medicaid’s Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) funding.

Stakeholder Feedback

OPWDD is seeking feedback from the community of people we support and their family members, advocates and providers to determine how the one time funding can best be used to help sustain the service system.

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American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)
Federal Funding to Advance Home and Community Based Services