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What’s Your Super Power?

What's your Super Power? !Share your super power and superhero name online!
Content Queen (the internet), The Flash (photography), Positron (promiting positivity), Digi-Diva (social media mster), Boss Mom (solving problems at home and work)
What's Your Super Power?

Each one of us has unique strengths, skills and abilities that make us who we are. Are you able to conquer negativity with your sense of humor? Does confidence radiate from you like electricity? Does your kindness win over even the worst supervillains? Can you leap over the most complex math problems in a single bound? Can your artistic masterpieces render people speechless? Does your powerchair make you faster than the speed of light? Is your smile more blinding than a lightning bolt?

We want to know what makes you super. Take a photo or video of you telling us what your superpower is and share it on social media. Make sure to use the hashtag #BeSuper.  And if you’re feeling extra creative, why not take it a step further and tell us what your Superhero’s name would be? Post your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tag OPWDD @nysopwdd.

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