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Types of Services

Live, work and take part in your community with the help of OPWDD supports and services
Person-Centered Supports and Services That Help You Live the Life You Want to Live

Through OPWDD, you can access supports and services that can help your family to support you to live in your family home; assistance for you to live on your own in the community of your choice; help if you want to work, take part in volunteer opportunities or other types of community involvement; and assistance accessing services you need to live your life, including connecting you to clinical or therapeutic supports.

Meeting Your Needs

If you have a goal to work in the community, but need assistance in learning skills or help on the job, OPWDD offers several employment services that might help meet your needs.


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Day Services

If a job is not the right path for you, but you want to be more independent and be an active member of your community, OPWDD offers day habilitation services that provide personal, social and vocational supports.  


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OPWDD can help provide supports for you to live in your family home or in another home in your community on your own or with others so you can be as independent as possible. 


Live in the community


Other Support Options

Assistive Technology, E-Mods & V-Mods
Assistive Technology, Environmental Modifications, and Vehicle Modifications are all supports you can request through the OPWDD Comprehensive Waiver. These supports can assist you to live in your own place, or with your family, and be a part of your community.
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