Exploring the Work World

Explore the world of work in this year-long program. Discover what types of employment or volunteer opportunities are best suited to you. Pathway to Employment helps you identify your strong points, skills, interests and job goals. 

Pathway to Employment is open to you if you are leaving high school, receiving day habilitation or pre-vocational services or are interested in getting and keeping a job.

You can explore the work world through job shadowing, internships, and volunteering. You will learn how to apply for jobs and volunteer positions, prepare a resume and get ready for interviews. We will help you find the right spot for you and we'll make sure you learn how to get to your new position. Your aim may be a competitive job making the minimum wage or more, or it may be a volunteer position.

The process centers around you. You will identify a realistic career or vocational path for yourself and develop a plan to reach your goals. Our staff will help you get there.

Success stories

Learn about some success stories from our Pathway to Employment program. Meet four people who went through the program. Hear what they learned about job requirements and how to prepare to be a successful employee.





Brian's Road

Pathway to Employment let Brian explore his interests in computers in three different positions. It gave him a realistic idea of workplace expectations at different workplaces. After completing the program, he was hired to work on the company website at the third workplace he tried out. The Pathway program helped Brian become more independent and confident.


Bolton's Byway


See how Pathway gave Bolton a realistic idea of what having a job is all about. Bolton says the program helped him learn how to work independently.


Tim's Trail


Tim discovered that he truly liked working outside. He wanted to develop the skills he needed to become a successful employee and the program helped him do that. His job offers variety every day in the tasks he completes.

Darcy's Direction